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Amat is the perfect location away from the distractions of modern life, for a totally uninterrupted vacation. Whether you are a family or an individual looking for quiet and solitude, Amat can accommodate your needs.

Amat is primarily a salmon fishing estate offering accomodation and fishing with a choice of of two cottages - the Manse or Lizzies with 3 or 4 rods in each. The fishing is over 2 beats rotating daily so both parties get to see all the water. Amat also offers out of season self-catering lets.

We have been letting salmon fishing on the Carron probably longer than anyone else. We specialise now on small parties of guests wanting a holiday in a beautiful place.

The road up the glen crosses Amat land and then the tarmac ends. The absence of a through road to the West Coast adds distinctly to a holiday. There being no 'trespass' rule in Scotland, one can just walk and walk.

'Amat' is a Norse word and means 'confluence' which refers to its situation close to the junction of the Carron and Blackwater rivers. To the west lies Amat forest which is the largest extant piece of the old Caledonian forest at this latitude.

Being close to the Amat forest there is much of the animal kingdom to be seen if one fishes alone and keeps quiet. Deer of different types come to the water to drink while Oyster Catchers and now Red Kites, fly low overhead.


Confluence of the Carron and Blackwater

Spanish Helmet

Spanish Helmet

The Vikings and their successors including King Charles II made their warships from Amat forest timbers, which were floated down the river to the sea.

An old Spanish helmet was found at Amat, probably from one of the Armada ships, fleeing Drake, which went aground rounding the northern seaboard.

Standing on the Iron Bridge, facing upstream, look up to the right and you will see a small hill called 'The Craigs'. There is a path near the telephone box which you can follow up to the peak and see an outstanding view of Strathcarron.


The Craigs right

Amat Loch

Amat Loch

Looking up to the left, toward the skyline is a loch on top of the hill, which we used to stock with trout until we learned that they can introduce Gyrodactylus on occasion.

For those who need to keep in contact with the outside world, we have broadband internet and there is now an EE mast at the telephone exchange which gives mobile phone coverage.

telephone exchange

EE mast at telephone exchange

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